School Name Labels provide quality, easy to apply name labels that your children need for school. We offer personalised school name labels for clothes, both stick on clothing labels and traditional iron on labels. Label all of your school items, including school uniform, clothing, shoes, lunchboxes and more.

Stick on Clothing Name Labels

Self-adhesive stick on clothing labels are the easiest way to label your clothes and school uniforms. Simply stick the label onto the wash-care labels of your clothes. No need for ironing or sewing, you just simply stick them in. Made in the UK, our labels are made from high quality materials and stay stuck.

Our stick on name labels for clothes are the simplest and quickest way of labelling all types of garments. Simply peel from the backing sheet and stick firmly to the wash-care tag of the garment without any ironing or sewing needed. It couldn’t be simpler to label all of your school clothing and uniform items.

Our clothing name stickers are ideal for school uniform, polo shirts, tee shirts, shirts, blouses, jumpers, sweatshirts, pullovers, underwear and jackets. They are ideal for clothing items that can’t be ironed such as waterproof sports jackets and similar garments.

Label All Of Your Items

As well as clothing, you can use our labels to stick them to label bottles, water bottles, pencils, pens, lunchboxes, mobile phones and phone cases, books, toys, glasses cases and much more. You can also use our stick on name labels in shoes or trainers.

Labelling your children’s clothes and other items doesn’t have to be such an hassle anymore. Our magic self-adhesive adhesive clothing labels mean that you can stick them on in only a few seconds. These sticky clothing labels can be applied on any wash-care label or tag. They are resistant up to 60° in the washing machine and also tumble dryer safe. Made with premium label material and adhesives, our clothing labels won’t fade or peel off.

Kids are expected to bring more items to school than ever before. Eating a more healthy diet means bringing your own lunchbox, and learning with technology means bringing your own device to school. Keep your child’s belongings in their possession by using our kid’s school name labels. We know that you’ll love our school labels and can rest assured that all of your children’s items are safely labelled and will return home safely each day.

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In the meantime, if you need any A4 Labels On Sheets please visit our other website Cloud Labels where we sell a wide range of labels on blank sheets with free delivery to mainland UK.